Nuad Boran – Ancient Thai Massage

Call 9437577324 to book an appointment to get the benefits from Nuad Board – The Ancient Thai Massage.  It releases overall tension, increases vitality and flexibility and creates wholeness of the mind, body and spirit. Thai massage is a combination of powerful acupressure, yoga-like assisted stretches, and a mindful and meditative flow

Best Nuad Boran (“Thailand ancient massage”) at Nature Natural.

  • Ancient stretching techniques
  • Powerful acupressure
  • Yoga-like assisted stretches
  • Mindful, meditative flow to calm the mind 
  • Improve flexibility and mobility
  • Flush out toxin
  • Feel Relaxed and Energized

Call on 9437577324 to Get the benefits of Nuad Boran – Ancient Thai Massage for yourself.

Benefits of receiving Thai Massage:

  • Clear the mind – Much like meditating, receiving Thai massage creates a balanced mental/emotional state for the client. 
  • Improved flexibility and movement – It’s improved flexibility and mobility has major implications for active people such as dancers, martial artists, yoga practitioners, and athletes in general.
  • Improved circulation to cleanse the body’s tissues – Much like Hatha Yoga, when the body is gently stretched, compressed, or twisted, blood flow is temporarily restricted. When the pressure is released, an abundant flow of blood and lymph rush into the tissue, flushing out stagnant fluid and toxins.
  • Increased body awareness – When one receives Thai massage, a common result is to see that the body is much more flexible than one might have imagined.
  • Increased energy – A curious effect of all that mental balancing, improved flexibility, increased circulation, and increased body awareness: after receiving Thai massage, many clients report feeling not only relaxed, but energized